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“A gigantic apple gin”

Finally, managed to open my bottles. A gigantic apple gin, whose complexity is immense. The apple is in focus in really special way.

Camila Angéle

“Crisp and sweet fragrance of apple”

To the nose you have the crisp and sweet fragrance of Apple. Afterwards you have some citrus fruit, and what I think is pepper.

@Ginforeveryone Kenneth Hansen

“Exciting non-grain gin”

The base in Abild gin consists of apples hand-picked at Lilleø. Pretty exciting with a gin where the base does not consist of grain.

@Gin_larsendk Kenett Larsen

“Like sitting on a rock in a forest”

Lovely gin from Gefjun. Clear apple from the base. Like sitting on a rock in a damp forest, where the dew has just fallen, with or without hedgehog ;) Big fan.

Helen Dworak @De Danske Gin


Yummy! Lovely Navy Strength from Gejun!

Gitte Nielsen
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