Gefjun is a Danish nano-batch distillery who specializes in unique, one-off spirits. We’re also sustainability geeks and are working heavily on trying to make our production carbon negative - yes this is tough and going to take some time, but we have a plan. 

Our vision with Gefjun is to make the production of customized spirits available to the entertainment industry (restaurants, cafes, bars, parties, clubs, theaters, comedy clubs etc). Normally, this is prohibitive to only the most successful players in the industry due to the costs. But our nano-batch production method will result in a small amount of bottles that makes it approachable to most players. In addition, we the nano-batch production method enables us to experiment faster and cheaper than anybody else. 

Apart from making our distillery available as a service, we produce our own one-off spirits. No batch of spirits will ever be the same.



Chairman / Master distiller / CPO

Alan has experimented with homebrewing for many years and it was Alan who dreamed of building Gefjun. He jumped at the opportunity to add Michael to the project when they met the first time. Alan is a seasoned logistics expert with experience from the military and many large logistics companies such as DSV.



Michael has always had a passion for whisky especially the peated kind. But when he’s not drinking whisky he’s a serial entrepreneur and innovator with an engineering background from DTU and NASA. Michael’s latest startup was Corti.ai. He’s also co-founded Copenhagen startup community initiatives such as #cphftw and nordic.ai.

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