Abild Gin

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The Abild Gin is our base gin. The base spirit is apples from Stevns and Lilleø. The apples from this particular harvest turned out to be so good that we had to change our initial plans of a London Dry to a regular Gin because we believe the flavor that the apple-based base spirit is so good and interesting that it would make a better product not to make a London Dry. The reason for that is that the London Dry has to be distilled to 96% hence eliminating most flavor from the ingredients of the spirit. We believe the base spirit is so good, that it could be enjoyed on its own as a kind of dirty Calvados.

In addition, we have carefully fine tuned the botanicals to adapt to this quite complex base spirit. After weighing different mixtures we ended up with 9 botanicals to create a gin that goes well with a wide variety of tonics and drinks.

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