Our name “Gefjun” is an old norse rendering of the name “Gefion”: The goddess who carved out the island of Zealand. We want our gins to smell like her perfume, fresh newly ploughed fields and danish summer. We want our whiskys to reflect the smell of the earth, the wind in her hair and the sweat on her brow as she wielded the plough that carved out our wonderful, flat, windy and (at times) sunny island.


It all starts with water. Water for both whisky and gin plays a tremendous role in how the final spirit turns out. Chalk and other mineral levels can make or break any spirit. We’ve been at countless water tastingsfrom wells around the island and ended up with one at the Valore Mosen. The Valore well is located right between a swamp and big forest causing it to has some of the cleanest water in all of Zealand. This must be the closest we can get to the taste of Zealand.


After many tastings and much deliberation we decided to go with going for a gin based on apples. We kept on coming back to UK gins like William Chase. The full-bodied and almost whisky-like nature drew us in. And we saw many of the same characteristics in other apple-based gins. We’ve found the perfect apple orchard located on the small windy island of Lilleø, where the fruit-trees have had to fight the earth for a firm ground for centuries.


Botanicals in gin is a science of its own with many unique and characteristic blends. At Gefjun we’ve opted for simplicity as opposed to muddiness. We feel that gin made out of too many kinds of botanicals get a muddy flavor where you can’t make out the individual ones. We want a gin that tastes like where it comes from.


The final ingredient of both whisky and gin is the bottle. The look of a drink primes the mind for a certain taste impression. That’s why we’ve been looking at a lot of bottles from other distilleries. We like the compactness of the 0.5L bottle. As well as the heaviness of the thick bottom. To top it all off is a cork made of glass.

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