Manifesto and sustainable



We’re Gefjun. We’re an artisan distillery based in Denmark. We’re building Gefjun because we believe in something. This is what we believe in:


Tailor-made spirits

The world wants customization. The world wants uniqueness. At Gefjun we distill only the finest spirits that are carefully crafted and tailor-made with a specific flavor profile.

At Gefjun we hate steady and boring. We’re the new crazy kid on the block who doesn’t believe scaling up production will ultimately yield a better product.

Our Nano-batch production method is specifically engineered towards being the opposite of steady. We want different products every time and different with a purpose.

Our competitive strength lies not in producing a few massive high quality products. It lies in making unique and interesting spirits in every batch. We will never go back to an old recipe. By buying a bottle of Gefjun you know that what you hold in your hand is unique, and if you drink it you will never ever taste it again.

Drinking a bottle of Gefjun should be like saying goodbye to your dying grandma. Your thoughts should be filled with joy, love, sadness and laughter while you remember all the fun times you had. Before finally, pouring down that very last gulp.

Sustainable production

For us producing spirits is about more than just unique bottles. It’s about the environment too.

Producing spirits are wasteful as it uses a lot of water, energy and agricultural resources and produces a lot of waste products.

At Gefjun we’re hard at work at limiting our carbon footprint. Our aim is to establish a carbon negative production by scrutinizing each step in the production process and contribute back to nature what nature gives us.

Here’s what we’re currently doing to limit our carbon footprint:

  1. Local ingredients: We only use local ingredients, not only because it’s best for the environment but because local ingredients are always the freshest.

  2. Hand-pick/harvest: We hand-pick and manually harvest all ingredients which not only lead to a better taste, but also eliminates the need for polluting farm equipment.

But this is just the beginning.


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